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okay so this is decision day and you're about to get the decisions that yet that you've been waiting for for some time the outcomes can be three a one you're admitted hooray for you that's pretty exciting and so you're gonna have an option immediately and that's that's something you should jump up and down about - you aren't admitted and that's okay but in that case you just need to move on and say well that was one of the choices I made but rather than even being too disappointed just let that go and and lean towards the admitted decision and the third one of course is the wait list some some institutions will invite you to be on the wait list the wait list is a way that institutions ensure that they meet their full enrollment target so in fact they over admit their class knowing that they're not going to yield the entire class and then they wait for those decisions to come in May 1 May 1 really in the middle of May or so colleges and universities will determine whether they have the ability to turn back to the waiting list and then they consider those students they've invited to the waiting list in in a secondary review it is really really hard to tell what the outcomes will be and actually I think if I were a gambler I would say that that you should look at the wait list as one that's going to be a long shot in most cases because there are a lot of students on it they're not going to take too many students from the waiting list and if you're fortunate enough to be one that they've they invite back that's wonderful good news about waitlist is if you even have committed which you probably have to the student to the institution you were admitted to that you chose from those that you were admitted to they will release you from your commitment if you're admitted from a waiting list at another university so so you so there's no issue here in terms of your ability to accept that waitlist offer