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where I come from I come from a majority black community about 70% of my County is black and my school was 90% black and because there was this shared experience there was a strong sense of community between all of us and all the schools that I was looking at I was looking at schools like brown and I knew that there were the schools weren't gonna be like where I was coming from and so I was very concerned about fitting in and about finding people who would know where I was coming from in my experience and I definitely found that here I fit in I made so many friends the black community is very strong and there were a lot of programs to help me with them that transition and that was really helpful so I came to school I came to brown in July as part of a pre-orientation program called catalyst and it was for disadvantaged students or underrepresented minority students who were interested in studying science at Brown and so I came onto campus and barely no one was there because it was July and when I went to the bookstore I met the very first student at Brown I would ever meet and her name's Jamel and she's my best friend now and I remember her whole family was there and I was just walking and being shy she comes up to me goes are you freshman at Brown I'm a freshman at Brown where are you coming from this is my family talking to me like we've known each other for years I was like that's what I'm gonna be expecting coming to this school um and yeah as I said before we spend every Thanksgiving together now and I was just so excited that day and that's just how Brown has been for me