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when the financial aid process came um I it was it was very difficult it's very difficult explain to your parents you have very little familiarity with like keeping financial records all of a sudden you need all these documents because you need to give them also information they can give you a financial aid package they knew I needed financial aid but they didn't know what the steps were to get there my parents are very interesting um they're very hands-off parents like I will never say that they weren't supportive but they were completely mystified by the entire process because like I said both of them my dad works at a factory making sofas and my mom works at a high school cafeteria completely not familiar whatsoever with college the college admissions process or anything like that so on the one hand they were very supportive but on the other hand when I would ask some questions about the financial if they were just like I don't know I don't know I'm not quite sure what that is and my sister had to deal with the same frustration when she was applying two years earlier and so the only person I really had to go on was my sisters experience but at the same time old habits are hard to break so my parents still then have like detailed financial records so but one of the interesting that does happen when you're in my particular situation is when you fill out things like the CSS profile a lot of its just zeros they'll be like what's your you know value of property here I was like I don't have property we don't have that we don't have that but when it came to things like what is the value of your car when is Val your mortgage I'd had to go back to ask my parents and often they didn't really know what I was talking about and a lot of times I just kind of to bypass them and sort of look it up online and try to figure out and figure out through other people what that number might have been figure out through my sister so that was frustrating but I guess I my parents were as supportive as they possibly could be but at the same time they just didn't know what the process was like