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so big obstacle for me during my college application process was managing my time you know with school it's very hard to imagine with sports but at college applications to that pile and it's gonna be very difficult so for me what I focused on was taking at least 30 minutes out of my day to focus on my college applications like for instance I had a big application due in October and I had it was a big time for me for school and sports you know it was put playoffs for football and I was midterms for school so I had to focus at least 30 minutes all my college applications and now I began a nibble away i finishing them and two days before I was done I know for me I was really distracted every single night with my iPad and my phone and stuff like that because you know a Twitter update cup comes up or something about my my team the Lakers comes up and I gotta go look at that and it was difficult but I was dedicated enough and I was determined I eventually got the applications done the time and I was a happy camper