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I think one of the fun things about being a teenager is that you dream big right you dream really big it is the one thing that cannot be taken away from you and that's your education it's it's a very real phenomenon that students can make such a difference in their immediate world by going to college and our aim is to make college affordable for you to make that an option for anybody we need people from all walks of life enrolled in college so that's our job in the financial aid office to make those resources available to make it possible for you first-generation college students I think in many cases are unsure whether or not they can compete and they can be successful in college but I'm here to say that every student can because we have the support services to make sure that you will so you should aim for the stars you should go for those amazing schools that you've heard of but maybe know nothing about you should maybe look at those schools that you've never heard of and need to do a little bit more research and so if you're a low income student if you're a first generation student and you feel like college is just such a foreign environment I encourage you to challenge that thought and to jump in because these institutions need your voices they need your input and you'll benefit from the experience if you're an active participant in it