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in college there is so much freedom in terms of time scheduling you're not only choosing your own schedule but you're choosing what classes you want to take what classes you don't want to take around the time of freshman orientation we were given these booklets with hundreds of courses that you could take from dozens of different departments and programs and I thought it would be a good idea to just grab a highlighter and go through every single page and markup every every class that sounded remotely interesting and at the end of this when I got to the end of the book I probably had about 60 courses highlighted concept of the cosmos sociology of the school raced in America u.s. education the cool thing about college is that at any given point in any given day you're gonna run into a really amazing person who's gonna blow your mind about something that you haven't thought about the support system is amazing all the kids here are so passionate and they're so into their learning they're all I think that's what I find different than high school I'm not the one that's pushing and pushing and everybody else is just satisfied with doing what they need to graduate the students actually want to be there that's a big that's a big difference in the high school or college everybody's really friendly there's not as much clicks you know everybody's just cool nice you can talk to anyone that's that's the best thing about college just being exposed to new ideas new people new culture is it's completely mind changing so I worked three jobs work at the admissions office I work for my cultural center and I work at my residential college and I studied abroad twice once in Madrid and once in London and I've had two internships when in Minneapolis and when in Alaska and over the course of all these experience there have been several instances where I'm just like I cannot believe how radically different my life is now than it was before because it's fun to look at Shakespeare when you're actually in London or it's fun to be able to dream something and then work for it and then see it happen I cannot believe every day I'm so surprised by how much I have grown since I was in high school when I was in high school I was looking at colleges I had no idea how I was gonna fare I didn't know how I was gonna succeed it seemed like this big thing so far away that everyone else was in on except for me I really found myself and I Know Who I am and I'm just so excited by this by continuing this intellectual journey it's just something that's very exciting to me it basically has allowed me to dream much bigger and not only dream much bigger but also realize that those dreams are very possible as well