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so I never looked at extracurriculars as a way to get into college cuz that was not my purpose of doing them at all I actually didn't like when people said oh you should do a lot to get into college I always looked at it as like what did I like to do what do I love to do and I'm gonna do it to the best and that's how I always looked at extracurriculars so I got involved in so many things because of that not to get into college I was in journalism I loved it we would have production days to like late at night write articles I was in theater and that was just so much fun I also did a lot of community service it was my church and my friends and that was a really really great opportunity to be out there doing public service and all of those really transferred over to what I did later on community service ended up running my entire career both in college and Beyond drama served me both in college as I did drama and also an extra summer camps and I did during during the school year and then the last one journalism ended up becoming part of my major so all of that transferred over to what I did