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so even though I didn't participate in many of the traditional extracurricular activities I did play a large part in my family my nephew's lived with that's why while I was in high school and I watched them a lot and I wanted my parents to come home to a house that was calm and tranquil and some way that they could somewhat relax and I didn't want them to be doing all of the work just because my parents worked five days well my mom worked five days a week my dad worked six days a week and they deserved a break and it was important for me to be able to help them so I realized that when I was doing the college application process that this was considered an extracurricular because it's something that has shaped me and my experience so I was able to put that on my college application process not only in the extracurriculars but I also wrote about in my personal statement and that was an experience that was unique to me an experience that not everyone had and I was hopefully able to stand out to my admissions officer