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so now that you've made your choice where you would like to attend college the next steps are to let us know that you've chosen us that's the thing that will then trigger the opportunity for you to register for your orientation so you get a sense of what it's like to attend the college at that point you'd be able to register for classes and speak with advisers you'll also have an opportunity to select your housing on some campuses you may actually have some input as to who will be your roommate but you certainly would be able to select the to take a look at the housing options and to select where you would like to live you'll also have an opportunity to meet with other students many of us have facebook pages where your you have an opportunity to go ahead and and chat with students and to become familiar with other students who will also be coming so that you you don't come in and meet a bunch of strangers when you get there you want to make sure that you meet all deadlines there are many deadlines that you'll see for your housing for registering for classes for registering for orientation deadlines are going to be very important because if you miss deadlines and that can have an impact on your matriculation onto the campus and then after that I would say that you just want to make sure that you prepare yourself to have a wonderful experience at this next part of your life because it's very exciting going to college I honestly believe that it's one of the best parts of your life and you should enjoy it very much