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代词就是可以指代名词的词语,比方说”I looked at the elephant. It was grey"中的“it”.




hello grammarians we're gonna start talking about pronouns today and of course that begins with the question what are pronouns allow me to answer that question by way of a demonstration Emma laughed so hard milk came out of Emma's nose Zack lifted the log Zack found a worm under the log so these sentences don't have pronouns but what they do have is repeated nouns you know we have Emma and then we say Emma's again and then we say Zack and the log and then we say Zack and the log but people are smart right we have relatively long attention spans and so if we start off a sentence talking about Emma and we're pretty sure that we're still talking about Emma we don't need to say that name twice we don't need to say Emma and then Emma again so what a pronoun does is it allows you to take out the unnecessary noun when we are teen when we're very certain we know what we're talking about so you don't just say Emma a million times you can replace Emma with her same thing applies to the second two sentences we don't have to keep on mentioning Zack and the log when we know what we're talking about so the first sentence will still read Zack lifted the log but then in the second sentence we can replace the name Zack since we already know who we're talking about with the word he and we can replace this little phrase the log with it since we know we're talking about the log now words like her and he and it are all pronouns so what are pronouns they are words that stand in for other words now obviously her he and it are not the only pronouns in English but for now I just want you to think about the idea that a pronoun is a word that stands in for another word you can learn anything David out