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hello grammarians welcome to the present tense or that which is happening right now [Music] the present tense is how we talk about things that are happening in the present moment like I eat a doughnut if I say that you know if I say it that way it means it's happening right now in the present as opposed to happening later in the future or before now in the past the present tense is what's happening right now if you can just imagine just put the just put the words right now at the end of anything that takes place in the present it should work I eat a doughnut right now Louise doesn't want a catapult right now the water is super cold right now birdy is singing in the shower right now all of these sentences are taking place in what we call the present there are a couple of ways to form the present tense and I've demonstrated two of them here so we can say you know eat or doesn't or is but we can also say is singing so when you when you generally have something that has is and ing in it means it's happening right now it's happening in the present tense so yeah those are two of the the ways to form the present is if the verb is you know kind of unadorned if it's kind of plain I eat a doughnut not I was eating a doughnut or I ate a doughnut or I will eat a doughnut just I eat a doughnut if it's just sort of on its own like this it's probably gonna be in the present tense likewise if you see the word is and then ing that also means it's in the present tense that's what you got to know about the present tense it's happening now you can learn anything Dave it out