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hello grammar pals and welcome to the future full of jetpacks and spaceships and shiny jumpsuits and also the word will there's a lot of will in the future by which I mean that we use this word will to form the future tense in English so in the present tense you'd say I eat this cupcake that's the present but in the future you would say I will eat this cupcake because we use the future to talk about stuff that's happening later than now literally it's in it's in the future so it's it's later as opposed to the present which talks about now and the past which talks about stuff that is already haven't happened earlier so the most common way to form the future is to just make a sentence in the present tense and then before the verb just ship stick will in there so I pet the Triceratops everyone's favorite dinosaur wish I could pet one can't they're extinct I pet the Triceratops but in the future maybe when they clone dinosaurs I will pet the Triceratops and we will be best buds so that's the most basic way of forming the future you can also use you know is going to so you could say you know Lorraine is going to visit Canada and that's another way to form the future but the most common way to do it is to just put in will just write the sentence as you would for the present tense but then you just got to pop in soup will I eat this cupcake is the present I will eat this cupcake in the future that's the future tense you will be able to learn anything David out