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如果说动词时态让我们可以准确描述过去、现在、将来,那么语态(aspect)能对事件做出时间上更精准的描述.可汗学院语法大师David为您解答. David Rheinstrom 创建




hello grammarians so I've talked about the idea of verb tense which is the ability to situate words in time but today I'd like to talk about verb aspect which is kind of like tense but more so let me explain what that means so with basic verb tense we can distinguish between the present the future and the past right so now later then right past present and future so I could say you know simply I walk I will walk and I walked so this is the past this is the present and this is the future so that's that's verb tense but what's really cool about verb aspect is it's this tool that really allows us to expand all the possible ways of expressing something in time so you could just say I walk true but you could also say I am walking or I'm walking or you could say I have walked or I have been walking all of these things are different aspects they're different versions of the verb to walk in the present tense and we'll explain all of those they'll each get their own video but I just wanted to impress upon you the idea that within every tense past present and future there are also four mini tenses or baby tenses and this is what we call aspect and we'll get to the names of those later don't worry about that now I just wanted to just plant the seed you can learn anything Dave it out