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hello grammarians and hello Paige hi David so today we're gonna talk about the three different ways to end a sentence this is what we call a terminal punctuation of English page what are those three ways so the first is a period okay and then exclamation point and a question mark mmm a period is just sort of the standard ending to a sentence sure right it's it goes at the end of I think most sentences I would say that all of the sentences that we have spoken so far would probably ended periods so what's what's a good example sentence that we could use a period at the end of my mom ate a cookie so that's just sort of a straight-up regular ol sentence yeah just a standard declaration of a fact exactly this is a thing that is true my mom ate a cookie yes cool and then we just put this this period there to say that's the end of the thought and of line so then what what is what is an exclamation point for like what would we use that for yeah so an exclamation point is pretty much if someone is excited about what they're saying okay I think so if I were to say I'm gonna eat so much candy when I get home I think that was probably an exclamation sure and ends in an exclamation point but it's not just like good excitement either right it's not just like whew this is awesome totally there can be you know anger like go to your room right or like fear if you said oh yes exactly we have the period which has had this all-purpose terminal punctuation you can just say a regular declarative sentence here is a fact my mom ate a cookie or you can use exclamation points to demonstrate excitement or strong emotion whether good or bad so like an interjection like uh or or a command like go to your room or if you're super excited I'm gonna eat so much candy what is this thing used for mm-hmm well I think that was a perfect example look at what that thing is used for that is a question mark which goes at the end of a question so it basically just signifies I don't I don't know the answer to this thing and I would like an answer to it please so okay so Paige what's an example question that we could throw out using using a question mark how about is this edible that's the eternal question I ask myself that every day okay so we have we have periods just statement of facts exclamations expressions of strong emotion or question marks which ask a question I guess yeah cool thanks Paige thank you for having me you can learn anything David out Paige out