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可汗学院的教学内容已被翻译成多达 50 种语言,在全世界的课堂中和个人学习中被使用。有超过 150 亿道各类互动数学题已经被做过。我们的教学视频被观看了几十亿次。作为实习生,你做的任何改进都立刻可以帮助到几百万名学生,让他们可以随时随地学习他们想学的内容。如果你像我们一样对这种传播知识的方式感到兴奋,那么,我们需要你的帮助为全世界提供免费的高质量教育。


我们提供指导 和更多支持。

We treat our internship program as the healthiest, most important source of full-time recruiting we have. From day one to the end of your internship you'll have an experienced teammate who considers it their job to make sure you're growing the skills you need. Something's in your way? Let us know, we'll fix it. The people you'll work with come from all walks of life and are available to teach you new tricks and tell stories about their past. Whatever you're working on, you'll find a teammate interested in helping you learn.

实习生帮助我们解决 最难的挑战

Our interns have solved difficult technical, design, and social problems in ways we never would've thought of. We hand our interns the most important features Khan Academy's working on and rely on them to produce excellence in return. Unlike other internships, you won't be tossed a list of edge-case bugs that nobody else wants to solve. You'll be expected to maturely own a project that may affect millions of students.

阅读我们 过去的实习生 的故事:
"My internship at Khan Academy was an amazing experience. It gave me the opportunity to have an impact on learners around the world and learn many new technologies. From building new tools for content editors to creating a brand new experience for students using interactive graphs, I was able to work in a wide variety of areas."
— Shadaj Laddad (2016), on working with our frontend-web team to bring our interactive exercises to mobile devices
— Evy Kassirer (2016), on building the "Autonomous Dumbledore", a friendly tool that helps us avoid manually updating the site when a partner system is down for scheduled maintenance.
[We asked our interns, shortly after they had left KA] "do you have a most memorable moment, a project you liked, a lesson learned, or really anything you’d like to share with the world in this way?" Here are four responses…
Stories from our 2015 intern class, by Chelsea Voss, Alexander Irpan, Phillip Lemons, and Vishesh Gupta

一个拥有 营利 福利的 非营利

  • 极具竞争力的薪酬。
  • 每日精美午餐。
  • 你需要的任何设备或工具。
  • 住宿补助。
  • 免费的零食和饮料。
  • 报销所有差旅费用。
  • Delicious fresh bread every Wednesday.
  • 有趣的团队活动和桌游之夜!