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当形容词都属于同一类别时,他们之间需要用逗号间隔开来:决定因素,认知,尺寸,年龄,形状,颜色,起源,以及材料。所以当两个形容认知的形容词一起出现时(a mushy,sticky apple),之间需要加上逗号。如果不属于一类(a mushy green apple)则不要加。




hey grammarians hey Paige hi David hey so Paige I went to the grocery store yesterday mm-hmm and I got this Apple okay and I put it in the fridge and this morning when I open the fridge the Apple was all like gross and sticky and mushy and I really want to write a letter to the grocery store and say hey you sold me a gross Apple yeah but I'm stuck okay I don't I feel like I ought to put a comma in here so if I if I'm so here's the sentence I've got so far you sold me a mushy sticky Apple gross gross unacceptable totally so I would like my dollar 38 back but in another draft of the letter I wrote you sold me a mushy green apple okay so mushy sticky or mushy grief yeah and I feel like and I don't know how to put this into words yet but we're gonna put it into words cuz that's our job whether or not there should be a comma in between mushy and green or mushy and sticky yeah cuz these feel different to me right right yeah so there's actually a couple of tests that you can do on these sentences to see if you need a comma between the adjectives or not so Paige what distinguishes a pear like mushy and sticky from machine green there's this sort of hierarchy or like order that you put adjectives in when you have multiple of them in a sentence and it is called dosa scomp dosa scomp altogether now Dee determiner Oh opinion s size a age s again shape C color o origin M material and P purpose oh okay so mushy and sticky are both opinion adjectives yeah so these are kind of in the same class whereas mushy and green that's that's an opinion and a color yeah there are two different classes right so dosa scomp helps determine adjectives order right so it's the order in which you would use it in which you were stacking these adjectives you would use them in this dosa scomp order great so like in the second sentence mushy is an opinion like you said and green is a color and in dosa scomp opinion comes before color so that's the order that you write them in so like in the first sentence when you have mushy and sticky which are both opinion adjectives these are called coordinate adjectives they're in the same category of dosa scomp and if you wanted to you could reverse the order you could say sticky mushy apples let's try that yeah looks good to me sticky mushy mushy sticky same thing okay so so if we're trying to determine whether or not we have coordinate adjectives I guess the first thing we would do is consult dosa scomp alright so that's step one and what is it dosa page oh it's like a pancake right yeah it's like a South Indian pancake and to scomp is a word we made up that means to eat sure eat some pancakes Scott Baumann so that's step one step two try the reversal method right and that's like changing it from mushy sticky too sticky mushy and step three is sticking and in there mm-hmm if you can reverse the order of the adjectives and you can put and in between the two of them then they're coordinate adjectives and if they're coordinate adjectives you need to separate them with a comma exactly and that's why in the case of the second sentence with mushy green apple you don't put a comma between them they're in different categories in dosa scomp and so they must stay in that order and there's no need for a comma thanks page I'm gonna get back to drafting my angry letter you can learn anything give it out page out