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then boys fanboys the boys who carried the fan boys fan boys the boys who had a plan for the way was long and the day was hot the boys were always prepared neither sad nor heat would assailed their feet they didn't want no others had dared boys look boys carry the fan that boys fanboys the boys who had a plan the fan boys were on no train to the Raider when bandits made an assault but but the fanboys fan made a win so mighty the banditry came to a halt boys the boys who carried the fan boys the magistrate said we're all very grateful it's time for an end to your fun he said to the boys it's your fan or your freedom and you may only have one the boys are the land was crying for justice yet they knew that this was in the way so they put down their fan and they picked up their notebooks and this is they had to say though we lay down our fan this day you too can have the power to unite phrases words and clauses with the coordinating conjunctions of English which are for and nor but or yet so you too can harness the power of the fanboys [Music] we're all fanboys remember the boys with a fan Dedham