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学生故事: 大学扩展机会




you know haven't gotten college and being there for years and I've had so many great experiences I've had so many great opportunities you know going abroad twice South America Europe I never imagined I could have done that and you know after college I've done those things you know working at tech companies those were far away from my mind I never thought I'd work in a tech company I never thought it was for me and then Here I am you know fielding offers from tech companies right now at the end of it the friends I've met you know they're off doing startups right now or being the next doctors or next political leaders and you know College really introduced all of that to me and gave me that and you know of course I worked hard for it who doesn't want you once you make it to college it's a testament that you worked hard and here you are getting something from it and you know I stand by that you get out of it what you put in and if you never try then you'll never know what college is and you know college is unique and you it'll be different for everyone but and you'll never have the same experiences I've had but you know you'll have memorable experience yourself and you'll think back and be like wow you know college was amazing and I'm glad I really did it