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学生故事: 大学增加信心




one thing I learned in college is the ability to believe in yourself and to actually see that happen because when I moved here from Lebanon in 2005 I really just felt like I was not a like I will I would never achieve because I didn't have the academic language to really write in class or analyze documents because we never had practice those skills and so I always felt that I was a student that just wasn't smart enough and that was never good enough for something and I kind of lost the belief in myself that I would achieve especially because I had things like my accent or my I didn't have the knowledge that other people had here the cultural knowledge the jokes the references this that so those were all really hard experiences moving in right in high school when I went to college and I chose the major of what I really was interested in which was politics and history and international relations all of a sudden I thrived in those classes and all my experiences end up becoming assets and my language and my cultural difference end up becoming something that aided me more because I was able to bring other perspectives into the classroom discussions and so all of a sudden I felt empowered to feel that I'm actually not a dumb student and I know something